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EnOcean Grove

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EnOcean tranceiver for Grove system.

enocean grove flyport

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Create your application with EnOcean:

This is an EnOcean tranceiver for Grove platform (developed by Seeedstudio). It will enable you to connect to EnOcean network an interact with EnOcean devices (sensors and actuators). The board is equiped with a TCM320 with GATEWAY CONTROLER firmware (see EnOcean website for more information). It's powered in 5V and the communication is made through a standard UART connection (RX/TX). This board is similar to the EnOcean Nest.


- EnOcean TCM320 module
- 868.3MHz
- Tranceiver (receive and transmit)

Application Ideas:

- Light control
- EnOcean to IP gateway
- Prototype for EnOcean sensor

For more information:

- EnOcean website
- EnOcean Nest wiki page

This product doesn't comes with the Flyport and cable.