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I2C Touch Sensor

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Grove I2C Touch Sensor with Touch sensor controller and finger fellers

g-media I2C Touch sensor

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Touch sensor controller and finger fellers

The I2C Touch Sensor is based on FreeScale MPR121, to feel the touch or proximity of human being fingers. This sensor include 2 parts: one Touch Sensor controller, and 4 finger feelers. Insert the connectors of feelers into base of Sensor controller, you can begin your touch controlling.

MPR121: The MPR121 is a capacitive touch sensor controller,features internal intelligence, include an hardware configurable I2C address, an expended filtering system with debounce, and completely independent electrodes with auto-configuration built in .

Touch Sensor feeler: The Touch Sensor feelers, which was 4 included in Touch Sensor module,can be set in any place you like, to feel your finger's touch or proximity. Notice it must not get in touch with any conductive material.


- Grove compatible interface
- Low power operation
- I2C interface,with interrupt output
- 12 capacitance sensing inputs,besides,8 inputs are multifuction for LED driver and GPIO
- Complete touch detection,Include Auto-configuration and Auto-calibration
- Excellent temperature stability

Application Ideas:

- PC Peripherals
- MP3 Players
- Remote Controls
- Mobile Phones

Kit included:

- Grove - I2C Touch Sensor X1
- Touch Feeler X4

For more information:

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