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Pir Motion Sensor

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PIR motion sensor with Grove compatible interface

grove pir motion sensor

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Make your prototype easily with the Grove Pir Motion Sensor:

This is a simple to use PIR motion sensor with Grove compatible interface. Simply connect it to Stem shield and program it, when anyone moves in its detecting range, the sensor outputs HIGH on its SIG pin.

The detecting range and response speed can be adjusted by 2 potentiometers soldered on its circuit board, The response speed is from 0.3s - 25s, and max 6 meters of detecting range.


- Grove compatible interface
- Voltage range: 3V–5V
- 2.0cm x 4.0cm twig module
- Detecting angle: 120 degree
- Detecting distance: max 6m
- Adjustable detecting distance and holding time

Application Ideas:

- Motion sensor
- Thief-guarding System
- Switch
- Industrial automation

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