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Telematics expansion card for CloudGate with CAN I/O expander

SKU : CG5106-11984

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The Telematics Card allows the CloudGate Intelligent M2M
Gateway to be used in advanced industrial telematics
applications. The board can accept a range of Option or 3rd
party developed I/O expanders that match the card and I/O
connector to specific applications.
The base card (CG1106) adds a 3 axis accelerometer with
hardware motion detection, dual SIM slots for a backup or
roaming SIM card as well as the primary SIM card, USB and USB
on the go ports and a DTE DB9 serial port with power over serial
The optional I/O expander piggy back board exposes a range of
different I/O options including a second serial port, analog and
digital inputs and digital outputs. Using different I/O expanders
different levels of isolation and voltage ranges can be achieved.
I/O Expander including CAN bus is also available.

Get your application on the market faster with CloudGate!

carte telematique cloudgate

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Telematics card with CAN bus & I/O Expander • ‘Molex type’ connector, 18 pin • 5 digital inputs (-/+32V) • 2 analog inputs (0V to 10V, 12 bits resolution) • 4 digital output (push-pull 0V to 3.3V OR open collector 0V to 30V/250mA@0.5V) • Auxiliary serial port (RX/TX/CTS/RTS, takes 2 digital inputs & 2 digital outputs) • 1-wire interface • 4 GND • CAN bus interface Other I/O Expander boards • Other I/O con

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