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Touch Sensor

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Grove Touch Sensor

g-media touch sensor

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Touch Sensor

This is a simple touch sensor module. You can use it to replace a traditional push button. Using the TTP223-B touch detector IC It measures the capacitance of a metallic pad. It can detect the change in capacitance when a finger is near it. This is the same technology used in the iPhone touch screen.

So you can place the metallic pad under a non-metallic surface such as a plastic or glass sheet and it will still work as a button. This may be useful for projects that need to be waterproof. You can also make a secret button by placing it inconspicuously behind a smooth surface. For instance you could place them under a nonmetallic card table and by casually pressing the right location on a tabletop surface you could mysteriously control your DIY project.


- Grove compatible interface
- 2.0-5.5V DC supply
- response time max about 60mS at fast mode, 220mS at low power mode @VDD=3V
- Low power consumption
- 2.0cm x 2.0cm twig module
- Power indicator led

Application Ideas:

- Inconspicuous button
- Water proofed electric product
- Button key replacement

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